Forty Weight - A web series.

My oh-so-talented and beautiful friend, Maren, is working on her first web-series.This girl is an amazing actor, cuts a rug on the dance floor and now she's writing, directing and starring in her very own series- oh and did I mention she's ridiculously beautiful?!?

About Forty Weight: 

Forty Weight was born out of necessity. Anyone who has ever had a day job in the food service industry knows what we mean. Much like having to get a job to pay the bills, Forty Weight was created because we had to tell a story. Actually, many stories in this case. Our stories are based on real experiences- we have recorded them and are reenacting them, with a little Forty Weight flair. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Just in case you're wondering where Forty Weight comes from: truck drivers might say "Forty Weight" on the CB radio. It's just another way to say "coffee". May also refer to beer.

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VoxInPDX said...

Awesome, awesome!!! The first episode is online now at It looks great!!!

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