Portuguese, please.

I spontaneously bought tickets to Portugal for our fall Euro trip. And, by spontaneously, I mean, I saw this article and thought, "wtf is a Lisbon?" Then, I searched "Lisbon," and saw this:
and this:

and then was finally sold when "sweet treats" was an actual tab on the official Lisbon city website. 

I know next to nothing about Portugal, but we've got an apartment booked and we were given very strict Amazing Race-ish like instructions on what to do once we land in Lisbon. We've got a few months to prepare ourselves, but I seriously can't wait for the adventure. 

And... to culture myself with puffed pastries. 


Amy Seager said...

Wow just found your blog and it is GORGEOUS and those pics are beautiful!

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Love amy

Val said...

I wanna go....I wanna go!! =) Happy Thursday!

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