Woodsy on the Inside

Last weekend, we were at the dog park and I found a giant branch I wanted to take home. Lucky for me, it was too big and heavy for a dog to try to fight me for it. This is no fetching stick, it's a bonafide decorating stick just looking for a place to snazzy up. Boyfriend gave me the "wow you're getting crazier by the day" look that I get quite often, but he put the stick in the car without any questions asked. 

Now, the massive branch is sitting outside of our house and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. I've found some pretty amazing inspiration, but I feel it needs to be the statement piece in a simply decorated room, or it might come across that we're the crazy people who collect sticks from the dog park.  

What are your thoughts? Get sticky with it, or leave the branches where they belong?



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Dressing On The Side said...

we like it. the lighting fixture; clothes rack. do it.

arrielle_p said...

Like those branches with the lights on. :)

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