Goodbye Summer, Hello Rain.

So much has happened this summer, hence my absence around these parts. So many firsts. So many adventures. So many beautiful Portland sunny days. Weather wise, this was the best Portland summer ever. I have mixed feelings about fall that threw itself upon us today. We went from sunny mid 70 degree weather to mid 50's and raining. I'm excited for layering, boots and having an excuse to do nothing but cuddle in bed watching movies. However, I'm not a cold weather girl. I think this blog post was motivated by the space heater sitting next to me that I refuse to move away from. 

But, while I'm here warming up, I wanted to share some of our engagement photos. They were taken a few weeks ago by Leah Verway. It was back when it was warm and we could be outside without me whining.

Our shoot with Leah was the most relaxing photo shoot ever. Most of the time we didn't even know she was snapping photos of us. She sat on a blanket with us and talked about life, weddings, dogs and made us feel really comfortable while secretly taking a couple shots here and there. We stayed past sunset and broke all sorts of park rules (beer,dogs,fire, just to name a few), which makes our pictures so much more bad ass.


Dressing On The Side said...

these turned out great! and no mug shots of tyler...good! very good!

iheartkiwi said...

These are stunning! LOVE!

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